Progressive Alberta Wiki

The following is based on notes taken during the event, and memory.

M/C Craig Coolahan[]

This election is pivotal, determines Alberta for decades.

It is Rachel VS Jason

Jason opposed min wage, ran away from women's health issue.

Zain Velji, Nenshi Campaign[]

We are up for a fight

Polling has become weaponized[]

  • Used to indicate viability, which influences strategic voting
  • Pollsters justify their bad poles on news and such

Journalism has eroded[]

  • has become full of opinion columnists, driving a narrative
  • increase in bots and trolls
    • new words, "Nenshi plays race card" on front page of Herald, it looks like bots were the first ones to introduce this opinion, then later this more credible source says it
  • these bots and trolls try to distract and distress us, used to silence others

How to Fight![]

  1. Understand your "why". Why do you support your candidate? This is the most powerful for you. Have an "elevator pitch" ready.
  2. We cannot lose digital and online, broadcast your voice. About 80% of viewers online are "lurkers", they just observe, they don't click "like" or "share", but 80% is more important than 20%! Do it for the lurkers.
  3. Walk out of this meeting today as the Campaign Manager of your own social media

Shannon Greir[]


  • complaining about tax and wage increases, yet they can afford $80,000 donations to political parties
  • out of touch with average Albertans